Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 Questions with Monique Parent

Monique Parent The Thinking Man's Sex Symbol
1.Your first film roll and how excited were you to get it?
MP: My first film role was in Secret Games. I was terribly excited and scared out of my mind! Did they really say "Action"? (Yes) I got to set at 5 pm, got right into makeup and then didn't even start to shoot my scene until 5 AM!
2.Your favorite genre?
MP:My favorite genre to work in is comedy, and I don't get to do it nearly enough!
3.What was your most favorite role?
MP:My favorite role always seems to be the last one. So right now, that means The Profane Exhibit. Other favorites include Bloodthirsty, Breath of Hate, Stripshow and believe it or not, Blood Scarab ( not a very good movie, but I had a lot of fun with the character.

4.Talk about the famous guest stars you worked with?
MP:I've worked with famous people? I guess people just don't seem especially famous when you work with them. They're just people. Margaux Hemingway was sweet, but a little odd. David Naughton was very cool and professional. Lou Diamond Phillips was very kind and patient with a young and not very experienced actress. But Chuck Norris is the best. You couldn't ask for a nicer, more down to earth person.
5.Favorite romantic dinner someone made for you?
MP:My boyfriend, Chris, is an amazing cook! And since I am traveling all the time for my day job, we are always so happy to see each other, that every meal is romantic! He makes a terrific steak (usually Porterhouse) and we always throw the bones back on the grill to crisp up the remaining meat and then gnaw on them like a couple of savages! And yes. We make all the jokes about him slapping meat on the grill and sucking on bones. Then we have dinner ;-)

6.Most exotic location you've been to?
MP:Prague. What a beautiful city!
7.What was it like working with Chuck Norris on Walker,Texas Ranger?
MP:Chuck is awesome! Such a pro and kind to everyone!

8.Tell us about Harlow?
MP:Harlow is a rescued Bengal and is my very best friend. Strange to say about a cat,, but it's true. I got her after my divorce in 2005. When I was married, I rescued and bottle fed many litters of kittens, and when I was looking for a pet, I wanted a companion but didn't want a kitten to train or worry about. I looked around online for a Bengal rescue group and discovered Harlow. She has a recessive Tortoiseshell gene and was used as a breeder until she was just about dead. She has an extreme hatred for all other animals as a result and was having a hard time finding a home with no other pets. She also hated her name - Herley (named by a 3 year old) and wouldn't respond to it. When I called her Harlow, she turned right around and that's what she has been called ever since. We are disgustingly similar. Which is why Chris always calls her Your Fucking Cat (in jest, he's learned to love her too). Her full name is Harlow Gold. From the first line in the Kim Carnes song " Bette Davis Eyes". Not sure why, but it seemed to fit. She's my Golden Girl.

9.How do you stay in such amazing shape?
MP:Spinach Daiquiri. I eat a lot of veggies. I think all those years of ballet gave me a great foundation. I am lucky in that my muscles remember their training, and respond to the least amount of exercise. But flat tummies are built in the kitchen more than the gym. I sell Blendtec blenders as my day job and have a website showing healthy recipes for regular folk (as opposed to people who follow strict vegan, vegetarian, raw or gluten free diets). But everything has to taste GOOD. I'm working on a recipe book right now and have plans to produce a cooking show. More info on those ventures can be found at Sorta Healthy
10.What do you have coming out next?
MP:Look for me as The Good Wife in the upcoming horror anthology The Profane Exhibit and as the serial killer Selma in Breath of Hate. You can also see me in the 1313 series by David DeCoteau, Boy Crazies and U.F.O. Invasion. The Perfect House is available for viewing on Facebook and my web series Moving Numbers at
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